Introducing MotionCore:

More hearing scenarios than ever. Automatically.

Today´s hearing aids recognize a hearing situation solely based on acoustic criteria. The situation is then classified into one of roughly 6 alternative, predefined “acoustic environments”, that are programmed into the hearing aids.

But life is on the move. In definitely more than just 6 environments.

The newest generation of Rexton hearing aids are equipped with a motion sensor. This motion sensor enables Rexton hearing aids to better recognize a specific hearing situation better than ever before. Now, Rexton hearing aids can differentiate over 120 different hearing scenarios. We call this newest generation of hearing aids MotionCore.


Technology for MotionCore

MotionCore hearing aids deliver a set of new features that enable wearers to enjoy a previously unmatched level of natural hearing experience.

In the Bar/ Restaurant Waiter Takes Order From a Diverse Group of Friends. Beautiful People Drink Wine and Have Good Time in this Stylish Place.

High Resolution Soundpro

High Resolution Soundpro analyzes the acoustic environment more thoroughly than ever before. And goes beyond. The motion sensor adds a totally new aspect into the definition of specific hearing scenarios. The result: a more individualized hearing experience and better sound quality than ever.

Motion Sensor

The new MotionCore platform features – among others – a motion sensor integrated into the hearing aid. Now, adding a wearer’s movement into the definition of a hearing situation, MotionCore can differentiate over 120 different hearing scenarios.

Relaxing and Reading in a Cafe


Audio signals from smartphones, TVs or HiFi devices can be streamed wirelessly to your Rexton hearing aids; either direct or via transmitter. Direct Audio Streaming works from iOS devices, Android devices can be streamed in combination with the Smart Mic accessory.

My Voice

Rexton hearing aids recognize their wearer’s specific voice pattern and integrate it naturally into the amplification. In turn, this will enable the wearer to perceive their own voice as natural as possible.


An elderly couple is dancing together

MotionCore Hearing Aids


M-Core R-Li

The new ultimate RIC device

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M-Core R312

The entirely new designed universal device

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MotionCore Accessories

Rexton hearing aids’ Bluetooth® connectivity allows you to stream music and phone calls from an iPhone directly to the MotionCore hearing instruments. You can stream audio from a TV with the Smart Transmitter 2.4 accessory or discreetly control the hearing instruments with the free Rexton app for Android and iOS smartphones. Chat hands-free from most other Bluetooth® enabled devices with the Smart Mic accessory.


Rexton App

The Rexton App is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones with Bluetooth connectivity. It is your all-in-one remote companion to control functions like: volume, program change, microphone pattern etc. Depending on the connected Rexton hearing aids’ connectivity, the Rexton app can do what can be done.

Download Free on the App Store

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Smart Transmitter 2.4

The Smart Transmitter 2.4 is a versatile device that connects to your TV and streams the audio signal directly into your MotionCore hearing aids, providing sound quality on a Dolby Digital sound level.


Smart Mic

  • A small remote microphone that uses Bluetooth® to stream a speaker’s voice directly into the MotionCore hearing aids. Smart Mic also offers hands-free operation for all Bluetooth enabled smartphones.
  • Smart Mic can also be used as a remote control for MotionCore hearing aids

Smart Key

  • Small, discreet, convenient remote control with easy to use buttons.
  • For use with nearly all Rexton hearing aids.